Justin Allison

Address: 1574 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 202 Murfreesboro, TN

Meet Justin Allison with Red Realty!

Born and raised a mid-Michigan boy around the industry of sales, local government and family owned/operated businesses, Justin has learned the importance of what customer service is all about. In the summer of 2007, opportunity presented itself and Justin decided it was time for a change of scenery and would lay new roots in the desirable and growing city of Murfreesboro, TN. The transition paid off well, as he met his beautiful wife Tiffany and has been blessed with two amazing boys.

Describing Mr. Allison on his work ethic, you can hear the words ambitious, diligent, and resourceful/creative. Many others that know him or have worked with him would agree, and would also add loyal, passionate, and courteous. Two important things Justin looks forward to in the Real Estate Industry are: 1) Hearing each client’s backstory, understanding where and how far they have come to get to the very point in their lives and 2) Making the great connections (both client and industry) throughout the years to come. His eagerness and resistant to hesitation prepare him for the challenges that come his way.

What Justin and his family enjoy in their spare time is their involvement with the community; many times, helping out at Feed America First, World Outreach Church, The Experience Community Church, and MBA-Murfreesboro Baseball Association. He also enjoys attending car related events, local food and kid events, participating in and watching sports (golf, baseball, hockey, racing, and basketball), attending yearly men’s retreats, and researching business and investment related content.

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