Larry Gilliland

V.P./ Partner
Address: 1574 Medical Center Parkway, Suite 202 Murfreesboro, TN

Meet Larry Gilliland With Red Realty!

Larry Gilliland Red Realty

Those that know Larry say he is always ready with a smile and an encouraging word. He leads his family, community and his firm with a spirit of excellence. His heart for people shows and no matter how busy he is, he’ll stop to talk, teach and inspire. Larry has a great passion and heart's desire for teaching and leading people to give their best, be their best, for their best!

He has a vision and a zeal for real estate that is uncommon and generally unparalleled. He has extensive market knowledge and a long track record for success. He has literally closed hundreds and hundreds of transactions and has made many, many friends. His love for real estate is contagious! Expect to contract it when you spend time with him.

Larry says that he was destined for real estate through his last name. The last name Gilliland literally means “man of the land” and his forefathers managed land for centuries before coming to the United States in the early 1700’s. They have been entrepreneurs, land owners and business men ever since.

In 2006, Larry started his first real estate firm, Red Dot Realty. The same year Steven Dotson sold out of his construction and development company, and over lunch one day, they decided to form Red Realty. Red Realty started shortly thereafter with a 3rd partner, James Yates. A fourth partner, John Goodman, joined the firm and made it complete. Red Realty opened up with three offices in their first 6 months and has been growing steadily since.

Larry is Vice President of Red Realty, and he loves to roll up his sleeves to help the agents and clients to reach their goals. The success of Red Realty is due to its agents’ passion for integrity and hunger to do the right thing, for the client, at all times.

Larry specializes in investment, commercial, residential, construction and development. He is President of HALO Homes, LLC & is Principle of Landquestor, LLC. One of his primary strengths is working with asset managers and investors. One of his greatest strengths is working with people!

For residential real estate, he sold over 500 homes before he ever did his first commercial deal. For auctions, he regularly attends or is involved in at least 3 auctions a week. He stays active in all areas in his market and can help you achieve your goals in nearly every situation. His motto: simple. “It’s your money. Hire the right person to get the job done.”

Those that hire Larry are definitely glad they did!

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